Christopher "Che" Mott, Global Venture Growth Engine & Co-Chair, GVF

Systematizing US-execution for leading emerging tech companies from Europe (AI, IoT, Cloud, Mobile, CX, Cyber, Data Privacy) and VCs with US industry, like Apple, Google, Cisco, Bank of America, Caterpillar, Disney. Successful projects with portfolio companies of Prime Ventures (Amsterdam), Earlybird (Berlin) and advisor to Giza Polish Ventures (Warsaw). Berkeley MBA and co-founded b2b cloud company with 7m Cisco investment. Co-Chair of the Global Venture Forum. 20 years of experience building digital solutions with global brands with a focus on expansion and building success in the last three years of a companies journey. Former Venture Capitalist working with ex-Managing Director Philips in Eindhoven. UC Berkeley MBA 2000.

Whitney Hischier, Co-Chair, Industry (Berkeley) & Global Venture Forum (Palo Alto)

Co-Chair of the Global Venture Forum. Deep experience working with national innovation programs in the US, Europe, Middle East and other regions of the world. Current entrepreneurship faculty member teaching courses each quarter at the Haas School of Business. UC Berkeley faculty in Entrepreneurship & Former Executive Director for UC Berkeley Executive Education Program. UC Berkeley MBA 2001.

George Arabian, Managing Partner Growth Corner & Steelhead Ventures (San Francisco)

George has over 25 years of experience leading sales, marketing, business/corporate development, building and scaling revenues/teams at various stages in their business life cycles. Led sales organization at two startup that went IPO in US including NetObjects, and today recognized as one of the top growth tacticians in the Silicon Valley for emerging tech companies. Also co-founder of Steelhead Ventures (San Francisco) based VC with syndication with  Index Ventures & Y-combinator companies.

Peter Braun, Investor Corner Guru & Rocket Scientist (EU & US)

A true ‘Rocket Scientist’ Peter has over 25 years of cross border growth experience as serial entrepreneur as well as in various senior and top management positions in the aerospace (Airbus Group) and automotive industries (Daimler). Angel investor in 40 startups, As founder he completed two IPOs (one in the US, one in Europe) and Board Member of the European Angel Network.