Our offering


Tech CXOs that generally know their bulls eye vertical markets, value proposition and solution scope. By using GV Sprints the company gains valuable feedback, strategic revenue and “proof points” with ‘wins’ to support valuation, market defensibility and exit pathways. 
The Global Venture Labs bring straight forward methodologies and industry interaction that creates a more integrated synergy between corporates and scaleups, and scaleups and scaleups. This is designed with international market expansion in mind, to help speed things up and help founders and investors see bigger and earlier returns.
Like the Business Model Canvas originally proposed by Alexander Osterwalder and supported by evangelists like Steve Blank. What they missed when focusing on early stage pivots and market validation was the increasingly competitive landscape and growing noise in the market. It is a meant to help bring insight to key proof points that allow for lean, smart and successful venturing in the last three years of an entrepreneur’s journey.


Managed service for corporate development through Global Venture Forum network and Europe’s largest VC and corporate community, the International Venture Club.

Program is focused on top 70th percentile of portfolio companies, and taps into a broad-base Berkeley network and knowledgeable US and European network. Remote and on site contact with Global 1000 leaders, sales and channel Execs. Use lessons learned from entrepreneurs experienced with cross-border expansion which delivered strategic deals. 


GV Synergy is a GV Lab focused on helping strategy and innovation-driven decision makers gain insight into trends, new use cases and solutions. The program combines a solution architect mindset with a cross-trainer style. Helps established companies successfully launch internal startups and collaborate with external ones.

  • Background: Innovation is a key aspect of every sector
  • Challenge: Creating more opportunity for large organizations to brainstorm on innovative technologies and business models
  • Goal: Use simple format with small number of organization. Use this as a way to create more interactions and relationships in innovation between segments of market
  • Focus: A workshop where corporates can brainstorm with startups and domain experts
  • Outcomes: Simple solutions based on inputs of participants
Industry leaders from Europe and internationally focus on strategic alignment, problem definition, innovation discovery, joint solution definition and stakeholder development. For the startups, these efforts if properly executed add important industry and investor contacts. For corporates, by the end of the program, participating organizations will have a solid understanding of technology categories and business models.


Based on your companies needs, we can customize a program that incorporates real traction, Executive learning and traction-building campaigns. Potential content can include:

  • GVF Blueprint for Investor Events
    • StartupFest Europe held in 2016 during Dutch EU Presidency
    • Global Venture Forum used as blueprint for the VIP track with 100 VCs & 50Top EU startups
    • GVF Co-Chair and Kicked off the Opening Day with Prince Constantijn, Eric Schmidt, Travis Kalanick and Tim Cook 
    • Amsterdam Stock Exchange venue
  • GV Case Studies (World Bank, UC Berkeley faculty and GVLabs)
  • GV Canvas workshops 
    • Startup runs the analysis or
    • Analysis is done by a UC Berkeley MBA with experience in IoT, AI, Cyber, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics
  • Digital marketing for startups as a monthly service
  • Partner governance workshops and Big Fish scenarios