Why Partner with GVF?

The GVF was founded by six Berkeley alumni working in Europe and the US as Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Corporate leaders who wanted to find international tech relevant to the US market. GVF has built a reputation for deep insight, quality networking and paths to cooperation.

2018 GV Tech Advisors and Gateway Partners like IBM (Blockchain Domain Partner), IBM Ventures, GE Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Adobe, ServiceNow. 2019 partners will be announced soon.

Data Super Collider initiative is a three year initiative to Discovery, Design & Connect startups and researchers to the world’s data ecosystems to provide data sets relevant to solving industry and society’s big challenges.

2019 Pathway Partners & Tech Advisors

2018 Pathway Partners & Tech Advisors

2018 Gateway & Ecosystem Partners

Select 2013 to 2017 Partners