Why Partner with GVF?

The GVF was founded by Berkeley community Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital and Corporate leaders who wanted to speed things up for companies with tech relevant to the US market. GVF has built a reputation for quality networking, audacious goal cooperation and practitioner insight.

2018 GV Tech Advisors includes experts from GE Ventures, Samsung Ventures, IBM Ventures, Adobe, ServiceNow. Corporate innovation co-creation partners include market leader TheHeart for integrated startup scouting & Mind The Bridge stewarding Europe’s most ambitious scaleup initiative. 

The GVF Smart Tech Cluster is a membership club that connects emerging tech leaders with industry and investors year in the US and Europe to bring resources, best practices and relationships that save time growing shareholder value. Scalerator modules provide a systematic way to validate product market fit, calibrate the perfect US inbound/outbound funnel and lay down anchor clients, partners and investors in the new market.

Global Gateway Partnerships connect two ecosystems to solve global challenges with world class solutions and competencies from their geographies. Specialized hubs like HighTech StartBahn (Dresden-based, world leader in Robotics, AI, Deeptech) and Cybersec Hub (Krakow) provide Gateways for DACH and C&EE. National and city governments such as the Flanders Investment & Trade Agency (IoT, Life Sciences, Smart Tech), Startup Estonia (Cyber and Data Governance), The Netherlands (Circular Economy) represent National Gateways into Western and Northern Europe. Past Gateways have also been tested with Denmark, Czech Republic and Greater China region.

Hyperloop Alliance is a group of leading providers of automated marketing, CRM, data governance and customer care technology (Omnichannel) companies in Europe & the US. There is a perfect funnel for global expansion and we want the Hyperloop Alliance to help companies discover it. 

GVF teams with professional investors and industry leaders, as well as UC Berkeley community, each year who provide domain breadth from some of the world’s top domain experts – such as Software AG, eBay, Oracle, SAP and dozens of VCs from Europe and the West Coast. We also have worked with the head of Europe’s leading VC club, The International Venture Club, Microsoft Ventures, one of the Belgian Investment & Trade Agencies (Flanders), iMinds & Engineers from École Polytechnique (Paris), Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, Fenwick & West, Deloitte, Consulate General of The Netherlands, Ministries of Economic Affairs, National Entrepreneurship Programs, and others.

In addition to the Bay Area, New York, Boston and Los Angeles, GVF has been active in Amsterdam, Tallinn, Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and more recently Singapore and Greater China.


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