Data Innovation Challenge

@ Microsoft Reactor (May 3 in San Francisco)

The Data Innovation Challenge connects the Best & Brightest emerging solutions and industry leaders leading digital transformation of their business. 

Rolling Nominations begin: 1 Jan 2019 (

Benefits to Scaleups:

  • Gain insight from senior leaders in digital transformation, data science and ML 
  • Build relationships with people who are decision-makers in their business
  • Find paths to cooperation with flagship clients and partners – United Airlines, Disney, Apple
  • Extend brand visibility with next generation of talent for recruiting
  • Leverage the “know how” of other CXOs in your situation
  • Access an affinity network of one million University of California alumni

Apply for this Challenge

Industry Registration

2018 Industry Advisors

Adobe, Samsung Ventures, GE Ventures, IBM Ventures

2019 advisors joining now from Kohl’s (VP Digital), Autodesk (Principal Data Scientist), IBM (Director Software Strategy), Uber and other industry leaders.

Solution areas of interest

  • Augmented Intelligence: AI Mobility, Customer Care, Sales/Marketing, HR, Finance, Manufacturing and Solutions (B2B, B2B2C)
  • Data Orchestration and Data Engineering, Data Privacy, Security, Voice, Image and Text
  • Connected Industry: Smart City, Robotics, Edge Computing, Mobility
  • Blockchain: Platforms & Vertical Solutions

Invited Scale-ups profile

  • Already successfully worked with corporate clients
  • 1m euro in funding or between 250K euro & 20m ARR
  • 10-250 employees

Startups commitment (if selected & confirmed)

  • Join main program, pre-party in Berkeley & after-party in Calistoga
  • Present during the main program
  • Join a Business Development ‘US sprint’ into strategic segment of the market
  • Attend VIP meetings
  • PR video for promotion (optional)
  • Travel & accommodation costs self-funded (if outside San Francisco)

Pictured: Venture Partner Christopher ‘Che’ Mott @ AI Fellows at Global Venture Lab. June 2017.

2018 Hyperloop & Gateway Partners