GVF Hyperloop 2018 to 2020

Hyperloop to Insight, Networks & Business Transformation.

The Global Venture Forum is a premier gathering of emerging tech companies, corporates and investors active in international digital business and borderless innovation. The GVF was founded in 2013 by UC Berkeley alumni, faculty and graduate students to help global leaders to ‘save time’ scaling digital ventures between international geographies. 

Pictured: US expansion veteran Christopher ‘Che’ Mott @ TheHeart (Warsaw) for “Scaling Digital Ventures’ Global Venture Lab. June 2017.

Three Primary Programs

  • Scalerator & Hyperloops for expansion for emerging tech CXOs and VC porfolio companies. Opt into specialized scaleup programs designed to drive strategic partnerships, syndicate investment, automate inbound/outbound revenue and pave the road towards future exits. Access regional assets and premier networking events in Europe and the US focused on automated global expansion and deal-making.

  • Global Gateway Partnerships for Nations, Cities and States. Showcase geographic industry strengths, connect core nodes of 2 or more ecosystems, create density in specialized industries to speed up cross-border business for scaleups.

  • Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley for Industry Leaders that want to build the network and confidence then source in specific regions. Work through GVF corporate innovation partners like TheHeart, Startup Europe Partnership and Mind The Bridge. Join the AI Challenge and Smart Tech Cluster to gain visibility into global innovative funnel earlier and source, invest in or buy complementary tech & talent.

What is the GV Hyperloop Alliance?

In 2014, Index Ventures noted at GVF that the ‘compounded impact’ of getting traction in a ‘new market’ from Day 1 has a huge impact on scaleup’s success.

The Hyperloop Alliance is a group of partners that want to continuously improve the traction of the company.  A Hyperloop ‘saves time’ for scaleups as they drive shareholder value and getting to the punch line. Faster access revenue, partners, funding and exits. Getting a Top 10 partner or client. Adding a new sales automation technique with better results than the competition.

Gateways between two geographies only matter when startup can cross the chasm, and simultaneously fix ‘underperforming but important squares’ in execution — marketing, PR, sales, business development, partnerships, fundraising, advisory board, etc.

GVF has been developed to offer capacity for execution and a network of partners with exceptional know how around US and Europe expansion.

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